Titanium Necklace

Titanium is a metal with a lots and a lots of applications. These application varies based on its weight and strength. Titanium is not white gold as some people get confused it with that.The metal is in grayish in color. It is widely ussed in jewelry. rings, bracelets  earrings and necklaces.

black titanium necklacetitanium necklace





Why Titanium Necklaces are so popular ?


Titanium is very popular as its variants are known to heal or rather give energy to the body. Various brands such as phiten provide products for such a niche market.  It is suppose to release a magnetic qulality which relaxes the muscles and improves the blood circulation.

Another reason for using titanium is its quality of being allergy free. The combination of nylon and titanium in manufacturing titanium necklace make pain relief easy.

Mostly titanium is used for joint pain relief hence you will find them as accessories in sporting shops.


The Fashion Twist:

Besides the medical importance of titanium they are great tools to feed your esthetic sense. Besides the medical benefit there designs  and unique shine and looks helps in great way to improve your moods. Some people even think that as their looks makes you happy , so it makes you light and hence improves you health and blood pressure as well.

In these days fashion is the place for both men and women. So as platinium is popular in women we can say titanium is adored by  men.

The gun metallic and gray black look of titanium attracts more and more men.


Origin Of The Metal And Man's Fascination For It:

Titanium was discovered in the end of 18 century and start of 19th century. titanium gets its name in Greek mythology. They were then famous because of their strength.

That is another reason they are popular in mens fashion, as they give perfect masculine look. Most companies tend to use the strongest possible titanium. The more strong the material the easier to wear. Men then tend to wear them all day without any problems. This accessory for men can be wearable with any type of gathering from formal to casual.

Women seem to worry about selecting what to wear and when whereas a man avoids this situation so they like something that is wearable every time without this tension. So titanium is the graceful answer to their worry.

Besides men women are not so much found of titanium wear.

They are not priced so high even if someone who cant afford gold will defiantly wants this they are usually priced as for men necklaces you can even have one 20$ online. A chain of titanium can be acquired for as low as 75$. You can use our seach tool or product listings to sort as per your liking